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Occipital migraine headaches : The posterior neck area where the greater occipital nerve passes through the semispinalis capitis muscle is addressed with an open surgical approach with resection of a small segment of the semispinalis muscle and shielding the nerves with a subcutaneous adipose flap. 15 A further trigger point, not involving muscles, has been identified in the nose of patients who have significant nasal septum deviation with enlargement of the turbinates. 15 The nasal trigger points where enlarged turbinates are in contact with the nasal septum are addressed with a septoplasty and a turbinectomy. When is muscle surgery with trigger point release indicated? Edit Trigger point release is only carried out for patients who respond favorably to intramuscular injections of Botulinum toxin. This removes the guesswork, as the surgery is only carried out when a positive diagnosis has been made.

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Thus far, three muscle trigger areas where the nerve passes through a muscle have been identified as surgical candidates where the a) greater occipital nerve pierces through the semispinalis capitis muscle, b) the zygomaticotemporal nerve passes through the temporalis muscle, and c) the supraorbital. Several large series of studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of surgical obliteration of trigger points. Almost all demonstrated more than 90 response in a carefully selected group of patients who have a positive response to botox therapy, with at least 50 improvement to complete resolution of migraine pain. Details of the procedures edit patients have to be screened preoperatively with a full neurological examination, and subsequent Botox injection. A positive response to botox has been an accurate predictor of a successful outcome. Single or multiple tss may be treated. Migraine headaches can start in one area depending on their corresponding trigger site and spread to the rest of the head. It is important to identify the initial trigger sites rather than address all the areas of pain, after the inflammation involves the entire trigeminal tree. Forehead migraine headaches : In the glabellar area the supra-orbital and supra-trochlear nerves are skeletonized by resecting the corrugator and depressor supercilii muscle using an endoscopic approach similar that of used for cosmetic forehead lift. Temporal migraine headaches : The temporal area, where the zygomaticotemporal branch of trigeminal nerve passes through the temporalis muscle, is addressed using a similar endoscopic approach but involves removing a segment of the nerve rather than transecting the muscle. This results in a slight sensory defect over temporal skin area, but cross- innervation from other sensory nerves helps to limit the damage.

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The purpose of the surgery is to provide a permanent 'triptan or ergot effect'. Most of these arteries are in the scalp and are readily accessible to minimally invasive surgery. This treatment modality is of particular value in: basisverzekering 1) patients who have not responded to preventive drug therapy, 2) patients who are unable to use drug therapy because they experience unacceptable side effects, 3) patients who have to make too frequent use of abortive drugs. Included in this category are those with Chronic daily headache (headache on more than 15 days per month) and patients with what is known as "refractory headache" - headache that has not benefited from any other form of treatment. Elliot Shevel, a south African surgeon, showed that patients with chronic migraine experienced a significant reduction in pain high levels and significant improvement in their quality of life following the surgery. 11 Muscle surgery - trigger site release edit Trigger site release was first described by a plastic surgeon, Dr Bahaman guyuron. 13 The theory is that trigger sites (TSs) exist where sensory nerves are being compressed by a surrounding muscle. The nerve becomes inflamed, and a cascade of events is initiated, triggering migraine headaches.

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11 When is arterial surgery indicated? Edit Arterial surgery is only indicated once there is positive confirmation that the arteries are indeed the source of pain. Some migraine sufferers have a visibly distended artery on the temple during an attack, which confirms that the arteries are involved. The distention usually subsides as the pain is controlled by vasoconstrictor drugs ( ergots or triptans ). 12 In some, this artery is always visible, but it is only when it becomes distended during an attack that it becomes important for diagnosis. Patients who take triptans or ergots for relief of migraine pain are also prime candidates for arterial surgery. The reason for this is that the action of these drugs is to constrict the painfully dilated branches of the external carotid artery - the same arteries that are targeted by the surgery.

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That vasodilatation is an important factor in migraine is further confirmed by the fact that the most widely used migraine rescue medications, the ergots, the triptans, and the promising newer drugs, the gepants, possess one significant common denominator: they all potently constrict abnormally dilated extracranial. Furthermore, to date all migraine-provoking agents have had vasodilating properties. 3, arterial surgery edit. In patients where ton the pain has been positively diagnosed to originate from the scalp arteries (the terminal branches of the external carotid artery the preventive treatment of choice is surgical cauterization of the responsible arteries known as the. 11 Details of the Procedure edit In order to pinpoint the position of the relevant arteries, a three-dimensional ct scan is done, which allows accurate visualization of the course of each artery. This is necessary, as the course of the arteries varies from person to person, and even from side to side in the same individual. During surgery, the position of the artery is further verified by means of a doppler Flowmeter, with which one can hear the blood flowing through the vessel.

Use of the three-dimensional ct scan and the doppler Flowmeter allows the surgeon to make use of the smallest possible incision, so the procedure is minimally invasive. The most common vessels involved in the pain of migraine are the terminal branches of the external carotid artery, and in particular, the superficial temporal artery and its frontal branch, and the occipital artery, but the maxillary, posterior auricular, supra-orbital, and supra-trochlear branches may also. These vessels are subcutaneous (just under the skin) and the small incisions required to access them and the minimally invasive nature of the procedure means that the surgery can be done in a day facility. As these vessels have no connection with the arterial supply to the brain, the Shevel Procedure is exceedingly safe with no unpleasant side effects. The cosmetic effect is excellent as most of the incisions are within the hairline.

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Non-drug treatment, when possible, is preferable because of the high incidence of unpleasant or debilitating side-effects that occur with migraine preventive drugs. Non-drug preventive treatment edit, because of the complexity of migraine, no preventive treatment modality is effective for all migraine sufferers. However in fda trials the nociceptive trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (nti-tss) had been proven to provide a 77 reduction of Migrain events in 82 of subjects tested. 2005 2, the origin of the pain must be determined in each individual, and each contributory factor must be addressed. Most migraine sufferers have a combination of two or more of the following: a) vascular pain (pain originating in the arteries of the scalp) 3, b) muscular pain (pain originating from the jaw and neck muscles) 4 5 6 7, c) pain or abnormal sensitivity. Advances in the medical management of headache disorders have meant that a substantial proportion of patients can be effectively treated with medical treatments.

However, a significant proportion of these patients are intractable to drug treatment. 10, the successful use of surgical procedures for the treatment of migraine is becoming more frequently reported in the medical literature, particularly for those patients who do not respond to medication. There is resistance in some quarters the concept of surgery for migraine, on the grounds that it is unnecessarily invasive. On the contrary, others argue that to undergo a relatively minor and minimally invasive once-off surgical procedure is not as invasive as having to permanently take chronic medication, which in many people has unpleasant or intolerable side effects, or is ineffective. The answer to this conundrum lies however in informed consent - the patient must be advised of all the possibilities, and of all the pros and cons of each option, so that an informed choice can be made. In some instances, patients opt for the drug route, and only take the surgical option when the medication has not had the desired effect. For others, the thought of being on chronic medication is anathema. Arterial pain edit, there is abundant irrefutable physiological, experimental, pharmacological, and clinical evidence that in many migraine sufferers the pain originates in painfully dilated extracranial terminal branches of the external carotid artery.

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a b lee, david.; eve. Clinical guide to comprehensive ophthalmology. A clinical guide to Epileptic Syndromes and Their Treatment (2nd.). Retrieved from " ". Migraine treatment may be either prophylactic (preventive) or abortive (rescue). Prevention is better than cure, so the ideal treatment goal is to prevent migraine attacks. Because migraine is an exceedingly complex condition, there are various preventive treatments which have their effect by disrupting different links in the chain of events that occur during a with migraine attack. As rescue treatments also target and disrupt different processes occurring during migraine, these are summarized, with their relative merits and demerits. Contents, preventive treatment edit, main article: Prevention of migraines, preventive treatments can be sub-divided into van non-drug treatments, and treatment with medication.

migraine wiki
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Migraine heart and other headache disorders. Neurological disease and therapy. Handbook of neurosurgery (6th.). Basic neurology (3rd.). "Exploring the visual hallucinations of migraine aura: the tacit contribution of illustration". Irwin, richard.; Frederick. Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of the respiratory tract (2nd.). Diagnosis and management in vision care.

Engel, jerome; Timothy. Pedley; jean support Aicardi; Marc a dichter (2008). Epilepsy: a comprehensive textbook. miller, neil.; Frank burton Walsh; Valérie biousse; William Fletcher hoyt (2005). Walsh and hoyt's clinical neuro-ophthalmology. a b Loder, Elizabeth; Dawn. Al-Twaijri, wa; Shevell, mi (may 2002). "Pediatric migraine equivalents: occurrence and clinical features in practice". lipton, richard.; Marcelo Eduardo bigal (2006).

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16 Treatment edit The prevention and treatment of acephalgic constipation migraine is broadly the same as for classical migraine, but the symptoms are usually less severe than those of classic migraine, so treatment is less likely to be required. See also edit references edit a b c Goroll, Allan.; Albert. Primary care medicine: Office evaluation and Management of the Adult Patient (6th.). Companion to clinical neurology (2nd.). Oxford University Press. Bradley, walter george (2004). Neurology in clinical practice. bernstein, carolyn; Elaine McArdle (2009). The migraine Brain: your Breakthrough guide to fewer headaches, better health.

8 9 Individuals who experience acephalgic migraines in childhood are highly likely to develop typical migraines as they grow older. 10 Among women, incidents of acephalgic migraine increase during perimenopause. 7 Scintillating scotoma is the most common symptom 11 which usually happens concurrently with Expanding Fortification Spectra. 12 Also frequently reported is monocular blindness. 13 Acephalgic migraines typically do not persist more than a few hours and may last for as little as 15 seconds. 14 On rare occasions, they may continue for up to two days. 1 Acephalgic migraines may resemble transient ischemic attacks or, when longer in duration, stroke. 1 15 The concurrence of other symptoms such as photophobia and nausea can help in determining the proper diagnosis. 15 Occasionally, patients with acephalgic migraine are misdiagnosed as suffering epilepsy with visual pijn seizures, but the reverse misdiagnosis is more common.

of migraine in which the patient may experience aura, nausea, photophobia, hemiparesis, and other migraine symptoms, but does not experience headache. 1, it is generally classified as an event fulfilling the conditions of migraine with aura with no (or minimal) headache. 2 3, it is sometimes distinguished from visual-only migraine aura without headache, also called ocular migraine. 4, contents, symptoms and misdiagnosis edit, acephalgic migraines can occur in individuals of any age. 5, some individuals, more commonly male, only experience acephalgic migraine, but frequently patients also experience migraine with headache. Generally, the condition is more than twice as likely to occur in females than males. 7 Pediatric acephalgic migraines are listed along with other childhood periodic syndromes. Shevell as " migraine equivalents " (although not listed as such in the International Classification of headache disorders which can be good predictors of the future development of typical migraines.

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    Cruikshank - the head. Wikipedia has an article on: migraine. Six week s, she got severe migraines that would last up until 47 minutes after her first. Definition: Migraine headache without Aura.

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    Acephalgic migraine is a neurological syndrome. It is a relatively uncommon varian t of migraine in which the patient may experience aura, nausea, photophobia. Headache is the symptom of pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck.

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